My Ultimate Heartbreak Playlist- For *All the Moods* and Stages of a Broken Heart!

Because by now I’ve had a lot of practice in this area 😉 I know that I always struggle to find the *exact right* song for every mood of heartbreak and breakups- so I’ve decided to collate some for you today- you’re welcome 😉 I promise this won’t just be Taylor Swift (though obviously there will be plenty of Taylor 😉). Let’s not waste any time and jump right into it!

The unrequited love songMon Histoire from Les Miserables

The other unrequited love songStrange and Beautiful by Aqualung

The “I really shouldn’t be in this relationship in the first place” songIllicit affairs by Taylor Swift

…But this toxic love affair is so beautiful I can’t help myselfSkinny Love by Birdy

The damn I fucked up song– Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

The just been dumped song– So Cold by Ben Cocks

The “I’m never getting over this shit” songHaunted by Taylor Swift (can be substituted for Wrecking Ball if things get really shit 😉 )

The walking wounded songThe Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

The heartbreak sounds better in a foreign language song– Nesicha Sheli by Ivri Leder

The betrayal songBurn from Hamilton

The not taking you back songApologise by Timberland

The okay I’m angry now songShot through the heart by Bon Jovi

The jolly FUCK YOU songThe Best by Tiffany Houghton

ANGRYYYYY!!! Too Late by Black Sabbath (or any song by Black Sabbath)

The someone cut all contact songSomebody that I used to know by Gotye

The relationship was bad anyway songAll Too Well by Taylor Swift

The “I hate you but I’m chill about it” songLove Yourself by Justin Bieber

The random searching for the perfect song stageChampagne problems from the other perspective by Julia Shappy

The not quite ready to let go songWhen was it over by Sasha sloan

The giving up stageSay Something by A Great Big World

I have no wordsLet it go by Piano Guys.

The heartbreak is poetry stageHallelujah by Jeff Buckley

The indie phaseDon’t look back by Amarante

The alright I’ll get over it song– Let It Go by James Bay

The forgiveness songLet it be by the Beatles

The rocking-being-single songSolo by Jennie

I miss you (but in a really upbeat way)– Subleme la Radio by Enrique Iglesias

Yup I’m so ready to move on now thanks– Thank u next by Ariana Grande

The I want you to be happy songHappier by Ed Sheeran

Seriously, I want you to be happyHappier by Marshmello

The reminiscent phaseThese Days by Rudimental

Ahhh I’ve finally reached that elusive AcceptanceClean by Taylor Swift

And that’s all… for now! Do you have any favourite heartbreak songs? Feel free to add more Taylor Swift songs 😉

My Pandemic Playlist


As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been putting together an apocalypse is nigh pandemic playlist (because this is clearly a very productive use of my time 😉). I was really inspired to share it by the Sullivan Spin, after his excellent post on why Right Here Waiting for You is the perfect song for isolation (he makes a compelling case!) I don’t have nearly as good an argument for putting these songs on the list- in fact some of these are wildly inappropriate- so be prepared for some mindless ramblings… enjoy!

End of the Line– let’s start with the fact that the world is ending (kidding! …sort of…)

Over and Done With– may as well embrace the world as it is!

Don’t Stand So Close to Me– time to social distance!

I Think We’re Alone Now– hmm, not so bad, time to dance like no one’s watching… (and maybe catch Umbrella Academy on Netflix while we’re at it)

The Cave– alright, I’m craving company now…

Owner of a Lonely Heart– ok, is anyone out there?

Wish You Were Hereseriously, anyone?!

Dancing in the Dark– guess not.

Paint it Black– may as well embrace *the darkness*

We didn’t start the fire– yes, things are heating up now 😉

Take it Easy– okay time to take a break from the angst for a hot minute.

Stay Stay Stay– but I know I’ve got to stay indoors.

All You Had to Do was Stay– seriously, this is my one job.

Run Boy Run– doesn’t stop me feeling restless!

Thriller– have you seen what it’s like out there?! Scary stuff! On that note…

Zombie– cos the world’s a little crazy right now (no, I don’t think we’re at risk of being zombified, unless you think that we could become couch-potato-zombies, in which case we’re already there!)

Youngblood– still reasons to be upbeat 😉

Whatever it Takes– let’s not be all doom and gloom- we can fight this!

Fight Song– yup, still fighting it (by doing nothing). Love the Piano Guys version as well 😊

Let it Go– at the same time, it’s not totally upto us (also, I mean it when I say I love piano guys)

Don’t look back– weirdly this is one of those songs that sounds like a downer, but is actually pretty upbeat… which contrasts some of the other songs on this list!

Alright then! That’s all for now! What’s on your pandemic playlist? Let me know in the comments!