Q&A – Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know And Some Things You Didn’t

So this is super long overdue- but here is my Q&A post, as promised! Thank you all once again for helping me reach 400 followers!! You’re the best!!

How are you today? Also, what color are your favorite socks? (you never said the questions had to be relevant, haha!). Last one: are you a hug person? Donna @ Chocolate Waffles

I’m wonderful! My favourite socks are my Halloween ones, which are white and orange. And I am a hug person!! *hugs all round*

How do you handle being so awesome? Maria @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Thank you, thank you *takes a bow*

HOW DO YOU EDIT, I am lost and I am crazy, hahaha and you are the EDITING QUEEN? Maria @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

This could be a whole post on its own! I don’t know about being the editing Queen- but I am a weirdo who loves editing. This is my basic process, although every book is different so may do it slightly differently depending on the book:

Step 1: I usually iron out any structural changes first- making notes as I go and changing them when necessary. I know a lot of people are against editing as you go, but if you don’t do this and you leave something that should’ve been changed right away, you will regret it!

Step 2: Proof read. Then you can look out for more of those pesky changes you need to make in the structure. Also, this is a good time to look for grammatical errors- cos I am a grammar nazi and can’t cope with grammatical errors. And finally- the bit everyone hates- killing your babies- which basically means deleting all the unnecessary poncey bits that don’t work (though I don’t do this nearly as much as other people- cos I’m actually a fan of purple prose- sorry!) The best way to do this is to use Track Changes (which I learnt as a proof reader- I swear it has changed my life!)

Step 3: Lather, rinse, repeat- literally keep going over the manuscript until it feels right. It’s a good idea to leave it to rest between edits.

Other tips are: reading it aloud and printing it all out to basically deface it (although, as I said, I prefer defacing it on track changes)

What’s the city/place in the world you’d like to go to, the moooost? Maria @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Well my answer to this is usually Egypt- but right now I actually feel like going somewhere more European that I’ve never been to before, like Florence. I mean, doesn’t that look magical…


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? ViviHeartBooks

Okay, now I’m just gonna say Egypt, cos I’ve always been obsessed with ancient Egyptian culture!

What are your favourite holiday destinations of the ones you’ve been to? Nicole @ Thoughts on Fantasy

Two- just two? Well I’ll go with the two I went on this year: Barcelona and Prague- cos they were amazing!!

What do you usually prefer to watch: TV shows or movies? Nicole @ Thoughts on Fantasy

That literally changes depending on what’s on TV and how many movies I have that I haven’t seen. Sometimes I go months without watching a single movie, and sometimes I go months without watching any TV. At the moment I’m obsessed with Homeland and Game of Thrones!


What was the last dream you had? Porter Girl

I always dream. Last night was particularly weird. I had a dream about a parrot and chocolate raisins. Basically, the parrot was trying to break in through the window cos my mum said it was angry about being kept as a pet. It was using a golf club to break the glass- which was odd cos it could’ve used its beak. And then the parrot disappeared and my mum gave us chocolate raisins. I could’ve stopped at the parrot and chocolate raisins- it wasn’t gonna get more normal… Moving on…

What do you daydream about? Brown Books and Green Tea

Hot guys :p

I’m curious about metaphysical quandaries? KathyLauren @ A View to Book

So am I! The basic answer to all metaphysical quandaries is 42.


Speaking of metaphysical quandaries…

The answer to every big question (for example, ‘What is life’s purpose?’) is ‘violet cheese’. But why? Sarina @ Cookie Break

Because it is purple and pungent. Speaking of smells…

What’s your favourite smell? Kat @ Life and Other Disasters


If you could invent any life-changing gadget instantly today, what would you invent and why? Sara @ Cookie Break

Honestly? A real flying broomstick- cos wouldn’t that be awesome!

Silly questions: are you a real orangutan? Are you a real librarian? Emily @ Rose Read

Of course- to both questions :p What are you insinuating? :p

Serious question: what’s the first book you would read to your child? Emily @ Rose Read

The first book I would read my theoretical child is probably the Tiger Who Came To Tea- I loved that as a little-un

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Imagalaxygirl

Hehe this feels like a job interview. Honestly I don’t know- I can’t seem to see 5 days down the line let alone 5 years!

Do you plan on stopping blogging after a certain time period? Imagalaxygirl


What inspired your name? Imagalaxygirl

Terry Pratchett’s Librarian- Ook!

Do you like orangutans? Imagalaxygirl

Of course!

If you could go back to any time in history, which time would that be? Demmi Writist

The roaring 20s!


What’s your go-to book recommendation(s)? Joralene @ Page Chronicles

Picture of Dorian Gray and the Yellow Wallpaper

picture of dorian gray and yellow wallpaper

What are your blogging tips for newbies? Joralene @ Page Chronicles

Enjoy yourself! And get stuck into it! the more you put in the more you get out!

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Joralene @ Page Chronicles

An inventor! (I wanted to invent that real-life broomstick I mentioned earlier- I was obviously a very practical child)


What is the weirdest desire you’ve ever had? Keira @ Signing On

To eat a whole sachet of ketchup on its own- I achieved this goal and I am very proud of myself :p

Top 5 fave Discworld, (Or Terry Pratchett in general), characters? Combustible Reviews

These are all gonna be Discworld related and very unoriginal. In no particular order: Death, Captain Vimes, Vetinari, Carrot and Ook!! (That was so hard to narrow down!!)

If you could time travel who would you want to meet? The Daily AM

Well, after the last question, I’m gonna have to go with Terry Pratchett


And also which cartoon/anime character would you like to bring to life? The Daily AM

Dimitri from Anastasia cos I had a crush on him as a child and want to know if I’d like him in real life

If you could be any character from any book, which one would you wanna be? A Bibliophile’s Obsession



Which one book character would you bring to life to be your best friend? Ashleigh @ A Frolic Through Fiction

Probably also Smaug- cos I’m in a very Smaug-like mood- and because he’d offer the best protection as a best friend- nothing beats fire breathing dragon as an ally (I learnt that from Shrek).

Who’s your fictional crush?❤ I Adore Paper

Ok, don’t worry- I’m not gonna go with Smaug for this one! Even though he’s gay, it’s got to be Baz from Carry On

If you could make moderate to significant changes (plot, characters, setting, whatever) to a popular YA novel that ended up seriously disappointing you, which book would you choose, and how would you change it? Hey Ashers

thirteen reasons why

That is such a hard question! I think the one that springs to mind is Thirteen Reasons Why, because I actually liked the idea behind that one, but felt like the author didn’t do it justice. I did a post about it here where I go into a lot more depth about what was wrong with it (which would be all the things I’d change).

What was the biggest bookish plot twist you have ever read? hashtaglovebooks

Ooh hard!! The one in Jude- that I’m not going to mention cos it’s too spoilery- but you’ll know what I mean if you’ve read it- that was scarring!!

What was the strangest movie or book you liked as a child? Jess’ Reading Nook

Fantasia and Bambi were my two favourite movies as a child- I used to sit and cry when I watched Bambi and then spin frantically round the room while watching Fantasia- I was an odd child.

fantasia and bambi.png

If you could erase one embarrassing moment, which would it be? Being a Book Nerd

When I ranted about quorn for half an hour before someone told me that’s what was for dinner

Do you prefer a fork or a spoon? (I know some people who eat everything with spoons.) Zezee

I’m a monkey, I use my hands.

And what is your favourite colour and how would you react if you woke up one morning and can only see that colour? Zezee

That literally changes every day- but let’s go with orange, cos I’d find it funny if I woke up and everything was orange.

If you instantly won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would spend it on? Samer T

I’m  torn between the totally sensible and the totally bizarre for this one- so I’m gonna try and combine the two. A dilapidated house – cos it’s always been my dream to restore an ancient property- I’ve watched way too much Grand Designs (and yes I have browsed the National Trust database cos I’m just that cool).

Ooh, and any blogging tips you could send my way! Samer T

I’ve already said have fun, so I’d suggest connecting with loads of other bloggers cos it makes the experience loads more fun!

What would your Thank You card say to Voldemort if he somehow made you look permanently identical to him? Sublime Reads


Hey Voldy….. Look up! 

And then I’d punch him in the face. (Obviously I’d have to deliver it by hand for this to work)

And that’s a wrap! Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did! I had a lot of fun answering all of your interesting, wacky and frankly absurd questions!