Bookish Heartthrobs I Don’t Love- Inspired Fran Laniado

As much as I enjoy hate to love romances, there are just some love interests I LOVE TO HATE. I was completely inspired by Fran’s fantastic post on non-crushes and decided to share some bookish heartthrobs I’d rather not engage with!

Angel from Tess of the D’Urbervilles– yes, I love this book, and yes, I think it’s awfully romantic… but there’s an emphasis on the awful part. As much as I don’t agree with the criticism saying Angel’s worse than Alec, I *do* think there’s some credence to the idea that Angel’s not so angelic in his treatment of Tess. And (spoiler alert) it doesn’t make it better that he ends up with her sister. It kind of makes him seem more self-serving and selfish. But I don’t really have a problem with this, cos Hardy’s romances are supposed to be tragic. 

Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre– again, this doesn’t stop me loving the book- but would any woman really want to end up with a guy who already has a wife in the attic? I don’t care how nuts you claim she was- that’s some seriously dodgy shit and all that gaslighting doesn’t make it better mate.

Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights– obvs. Although to be fair, I don’t see him as someone who is supposed to be a romantic heartthrob. He’s more like the warning tale of what a bad boy really looks like.

Jacob Black from Twilight– it’s amazing that Meyer created two love interests so terrible that decades later we’re still quibbling over which one is worse. And yet, for me, it’s got to be Jacob. I know there are still Jacob defenders who say that he was a good character, but was ruined in later books… However that doesn’t stop him being the pushy douchbag perve of the later books. Taking him as a whole, he’s just a weirdly possessive and stalky… only he’s doing that to a minor. Great.

Travis Maddock from Beautiful Disaster– this guy is a shitshow not a heartthrob. RUN (don’t walk) in the other direction if you come across anyone like Travis.

Chaol from Throne of Glass– I will stand by the fact that he’s an awful character. He’s mildly abusive, bullying people for being who they are, constantly critical and borderline controlling. But hey, he’s fit, so that’s all that matters, right?

Prince Rhen from Curse So Dark and Lonely– he’s too aggressive and volatile for me. And I only really liked the book that he was barely in (Grey’s great by contrast!) so yeah, not a fan.

Patch from Hush Hush– all I remember from this series is how much I wanted to punch Patch. He’s the quintessential bad-boy-dirtbag- and I hate him.

Daisy Buchanan from Great Gatsby– I decided it was a little unfair to only talk about male love interest, so can we talk about how awful Daisy really is? Not only did she choose to marry (and stay with) Tom, but her other love choice of man isn’t all that to write home about. Plus, she’s also a superficial narc who doesn’t care about her own kid and treats other people like accessories.

Alaska from Looking for Alaska– I’m not really one to label female characters as manic pixie dream girls… but boy if there was ever an example of a manic pixie dream girl, it’d be her. Plus, she’s only really there to help our main character grow (from her death I might add) so she’s basically as rubbish a love interest as you can get.

So, do you agree with any of these? And what are the bookish heartthrobs you don’t vibe with? Let me know in the comments!