All the fictional royals I don’t like

Because nothing’s more of a pain than a royal pain. As much as I enjoy books that feature kings and queens, sometimes they drive me a bit nuts. Having a crown makes people really entitled- and as true to life as that is, I frickin hate it. So here’s a list of some of the royal characters that I can’t stand:

Princess Diaries– while this is a series I liked for a lot of reasons (I read a helluva lot of them) the titular character kinda grated on my nerves. While the romance in the books is so much better than the movies, I just feel like the book version of Princess Mia lacks the charm of Anne Hathaway’s version. And to be honest, even though I read this as a teenager, I found it irritating to be in the head of this moaning teenage girl. There’s a reason- beyond respecting privacy- that you should never read someone else’s diary.

Selection– speaking of annoying, the character who takes the crown for MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER EVER is America Singer. Oh America, America, why must you be so darn bothersome? She can’t even decide between two equally bland boys, let alone do anything politically significant. And yet what she wears is somehow super important to the future of the realm. Admittedly, she’s the only one here who’s not technically a royal and frankly she’s earned her place on this list.  

Red Queen– again, not technically royal, but (the aptly named) Mare is boring AS HELL. Actually though, while we’re on the topic, I don’t like her royal love interest or the cartoonish villains in the royal family that surround her. So basically, everyone in this series gets on my nerves. No wonder I never finished it.

Vampire Academy– to be fair, the princess isn’t the main character. Because YE GODS she’s not interesting enough to be (at least in the first book).

Red, White and Royal Blue– okay this may be the one that I get in trouble for… ah well, in for a penny… truthfully I can’t stand either of the leads in this. Alex, the president’s son, is a bit too whiny for my tastes. And honestly, Prince Henry reminds me of a certain entitled real royal (who funnily enough shares the same name). And I know duty is a foreign concept, but it doesn’t endear me to characters who think only of themselves.

The Thief– I would’ve loved this series if not for the royalty in it!! They should all have their heads on spikes! Both the Queen of Eddis and (to an even greater extent) the Queen of Attolia are awful. And Gen basically takes the brunt of all their terrible decisions. What makes it even worse is the unearned romance with the psychopathic Queen of Attolia.

A Court of Thorns and Roses– Tamlin is an abusive man child. In case you didn’t already know.

And that’s all for now! Do you agree or disagree with my list? And what royals do you want to see the back of? Let me know in the comments!  

Truly MAJESTIC Reads Featuring Royalty – Some of my Favourite Books About Kings and Queens!

The Queen isn’t the only cool royal out there- fiction is full of kickass kings and queens. I’m gonna share a few of them with you today!

American Royals– turns out if America had royals, they’d be the biggest drama queens in the world and I’d be first in line to see the show 😉

My Lady Jane– the only way that the Tudors could be more fascinating is if they could all turn into animals at the drop of a hat… and that’s what this alternate history offers! Sit back, throw historical accuracy out the window and enjoy this royal romp.

I Coriander– another take on history that’s *not quite* what really happened… but if you ask me, this version of the restoration is better 😉

Cinder– what list about royals would be complete without a fairy tale retelling or two? And this sci fi retelling of Cinderella is tons of fun 😊 Speaking of retellings…

Thorn– I love this take on the goose girl, particularly because it shows us what truly regal qualities are.

Abhorsen– I just love how this book engages with the topic of legacy and inheritance and titles. Like the others in this series, it explores the coming of age theme in a really original and emotionally deep way.

Prince Caspian– I may have included this more for Aslan than the titular prince 😉 No one is more royal than a lion!!

Stardust– very much in the vein of a classic storybook royalty- and yet because it’s Gaiman it could never be called anything but unique.

Princess Bride– perfect if you’re looking for a classic swashbuckling tale, featuring kings, queens and (evil) princes (and yes, this is me saying I finally read it!! Hallelujah!)

Iron King– this is one of those stories that starts off with the typical “oh you’re secretly the daughter of the fae king”… but then it goes in a *very* unexpected direction. Don’t be fooled, this YA fantasy is tricksier than it lets on.

Cruel Prince– because not all princes are charming 😉 And yet sometimes when they’re cruel, they’re all the more endearing 😉

Prince of Thorns– on the subject of unpleasant royalty, Jorg really takes the crown! But that’s what makes his story truly grab you. 

To Kill a Kingdom– yeah this is the little mermaid, but wayyyy darker. Because in this version, the siren princess has to cut out the heart of princes… So if you want some more cutthroat royals, then this standalone is for you.

Game of Thrones– you win or you die as they say 😉 Frankly I’d rather take a dragon thousands of miles away from Westeros than sit on that very uncomfortable chair- however there’s clearly plenty of people prepared to fight it out for the pleasure. And my goodness is it fun to read about them doing so.  

The Shadows Between Us– this is a book about a girl who knows what she wants- and what she wants is to be queen… at any cost! A Slytherin love story to die for, this takes scheming royalty to a whole other level.

That went in a much darker direction than I anticipated! What books featuring royalty do you love? Let me know in the comments!