Hello all!! I’m back from my work trip and have the day off to catch up on sleep- so naturally here I am talking to you guys. While I was away, I was tagged by the lovely LibroLiv to join in the #SaveTheClassics conversation and I was really excited when I heard about it.

I wasn’t aware of the project until I read LibroLiv’s post– but the second I heard about it I knew it was right up my street. As LibroLiv said, Classics really don’t get enough attention these days. Personally, I think Classics bashing seems to be a bit in vogue right now- whether it is with people criticising the writing style or saying the subject matter is out of date. And that is a real shame for so many reasons. Not only are people missing out on all there is to learn from these great works of literature, they are also ignoring the great tradition from which all literature follows. For me, Classics aren’t just a way of looking back at literary history- they underscore everything that has been written since.

It is therefore a pleasure to find a post like this- thank you so much to LibroLiv for tagging me and making me aware of this project! I’m really looking forward to answering these questions- so without further ado…

The Rules

  1. Answer a few of the questions below. You don’t have to answer all of them if you don’t want)
  2. Link to the project: clickhere.
  3. Tag three bloggers/friends that might like this challenge and continue it.
  4. Use the hashtag #SaveTheClassics
  1. What is your favourite classic book?

daniel deronda

That is such a hard question! Let’s be honest, I have many favourites- but since I have to pick one, I’ll give Daniel Deronda a mention, since I don’t feel like I talk about it enough (okay, I may have given it a shout out a few dozen times before, but whatever)

  1. If your life was a classic, what would it be?


Haha oh dear that’s a hard one- I don’t know if I can actually answer that honestly- I guess there’s some similarities with Alice in Wonderland, cos my life can be weird and wacky and unpredictable.

  1. With which writer from the past would you like to have dinner?


Oscar Wilde- can you imagine how much fun that would be? He was one of the funniest, most entertaining writers that ever lived and I bet he would he would make the best dinner party guest imaginable.

  1. Which classic literary character best describes you?

peter pan and wendy

I reckon I relate most to Peter Pan- because let’s be honest, I never want to grow up and I don’t expect I ever will.

  1. What’s the first classic that you read?


I reckon it was Rebecca because it’s one of my mum’s favourite books and it was one of the first books she recommended to me.

  1. Which classic book could be the best gift?


Since I’ve had this as a gift and I know how happy it made me to get it, I reckon this is a great one to choose. Not only is it exquisite on the outside, but the illustrations on the inside are glorious too.

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Hope you all have a great Friday! And there is still a few hours to enter my 500 followers giveaway- you can do so here.