My Top 5 Not-All-That-Scary Spooky Reads

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope you’re all having fun! Now I love getting in the spirit of Halloween- it’s a great treat to let my hair down and eat sweets, but, I’ll be totally honest, I can’t do scary things!! I’m into really tame things- like Disney and junk food and basically acting like a child. I mean, this is me tonight- strategically hiding from all the dead that have come out to play:


So this year I thought I’d share a list of books that get me in the mood for Halloween, without actually keeping me up at night wondering *are the monsters coming to get me!*- aka this is my orangutan-approved-kid-approved “spooky” book list:

The Raven Cycle

raven boys

This counts doesn’t it?! I mean, it’s dark and there are spooky moments. It’s got an atmospheric feel and it might even get your heart rate up. Plus- paranormal stuff totally counts as scary- right? Right?! (I’m not sure I’m off to the brightest start with this one- ah well!)

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


I just wrote a rave review of this one cos it was scarily good. I doubt you’ll be hiding under the bed after reading it, but the creatures in it are imaginatively terrifying and the pictures freaky (if you are like me and are scared of your own shadow, that is)

A Monster Calls


So I read this one recently and I have to say that it is one of the scariest books on my list- in that it is terrifyingly emotional. It will wrench at your heartstrings and scar you for life. And if having your heart broken doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

Shadow of the Wind

shadow of the wind

Well I won’t say “scary” as such for this one, but it definitely has a mysterious and creepy feel- it will get under your skin for sure! Plus mystery books are a great cop out for people that don’t want to read scary books over Halloween! (I’m actually reading the second one tonight!)

The Witches


I don’t know about you- but this terrified me as a child!! Just thinking about the Roald Dahl’s witches makes me *shudder*I defy you to find me a more terrifying book for adults! (ok- you probably could- but I’d rather you don’t take me up on that challenge and

And for a bonusFifty Shades of Grey– this book is terrifying for all the wrong reasons- I warn you *never to pick it up* or you will spontaneously combust (or rather- you’ll wish that you had!)

I mean just read to this:

“I flush at the waywardness of my subconscious – she’s doing her happy dance in a bright red hula skirt at the thought of being his.”

Yeuch!! There were times when I wanted to punch her “subconscious”!

Moving swiftly on- what are your non-scary spooky reads? Any recommendations for me? And if you prefer a genuinely terrifying book- what would you suggest a scaredy cat like me should avoid at all costs?