Series I need to finish…

Well, we’re into the second month of the year (already?!)- it’s time to get serious about reading- which means dredging up all the unfinished series sitting guiltily on our TBRs, dusting them off and promising that *this’ll be the year* (or you know, not). For all my dramatics, I actually am decent at finishing series (partly cos I like to binge them all in a row if I can) but there are still a number which I would actually like to read. So in no particular order, I thought I’d share them with you:

mistborn series

Mistborn– what the hell is wrong with me? I loved the first book- I have the second, third and a ton of other Sanderson books on my kindle… and yet I’ve never got round to reading any of these. I’d make the excuse that “it’s the length” or something… but given I’ve read other tomes since the first one that’d be a bald faced lie…

wizard's first rule

Terry Goodkind– ermm yeah, I went on a splurge of buying the kindle versions when these were reduced ages ago too. I’ve still only read 2- even though I liked them- and have looaads more to go. It’s a bit intimidating if I’m honest.

howl's moving castle

Howl’s Moving Castle– I’ve read quite a lot of Diana Wynne Jones over the years, but for some reason, even though I loved the first one, I never picked up the rest of this series up. Which is kinda silly, cos I know I’ll have fun with these.

Daughter of the Lioness

Daughter of the Lioness– ditto with Tamora Pierce- I think she’s great and would happily read all her books. The thing with Pierce is I’m usually a completionist with her series and so I don’t really know why I left this one hanging- especially when there’s only one other book to read.

shepherd's crown

Discworld– to be fair, I have actually read a lot of these (Pratchett’s my most read author after all)- but there are still some I haven’t read yet- I blame Pratchett for being so prolific! (not that I’m complaining- if anything I’d like to ask Death to bring him back to write MORE)

bone queen

Pellinor– okay- not my fault! I actually completed this series when I was about 15- she just added to the prequel Bone Queen recently! Although I did want to pick it up immediately… I still haven’t.


Abhorsen– as above- Nix kindly added Goldenhand to his *absolutely amazing* series and I was so excited about it… but being a lazy bones haven’t got to to it yet.

sandman volume 1

Sandman– they had a lot of these in one of the libraries I go to- I was thoroughly enjoying whizzing through them… but haven’t been back in a while and kinda unintentionally stopped with the series.

immortal reign

Falling Kingdoms– well I’m actually just mentioning it cos it’s fresh in my mind and the conclusion is coming out this month (eek!) I’m finally caught up and ready for whatever Rhodes throws my way! (as long as my baby Magnus is alright in the end!)


Lara Jean– okay, here’s where the guilt gets intense- because I *need* to read this. Alas I will Always and Forever be behind (ba dum tss). I could make the excuse I wasn’t in the right mood, but it’s not like I haven’t read any contemporaries in the year since it’s been out… so there’s no excuse really.

And there you have it- all my guilty secrets laid bare for the world 😉 What series do you have on your tbr that you still need to complete? Let me know in the comments!