Series I won’t be finishing… probably… maybe… #2


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Despite being a massive mood reader, as I mentioned the other day, I’ve always been pretty clear on one thing: I’m a series finisher. Much like my inability to DNF, I will happily/unhappily casually continue even the most meh of series (which I proved to myself the other day when I read a less-than-average sequel to a pretty mediocre book). It doesn’t matter how many times I promise myself I won’t read rubbish, I somehow can’t help doing this… especially if it’s oh-so-temptingly available on overdrive… But I’ve decided to do something about this horrendous habit and do a sequel to my post about series I possibly won’t finish! (if I can manage to have shelf-control lol)

enchanteeEnchantee– I’m starting with the most recent book (and easiest to announce) series that didn’t wow me. Though I haven’t talked about it much, Enchantee left me less than enchanted and I can’t see any reason to continue. That was easy, so let’s move onto the next one…


last magicianThe Last Magician– ohhh this is painful. I loved the first one, but I was so underwhelmed by the sequel that I told myself it wouldn’t be worth investing in the next one. Let’s see if I can actually keep to my rule of not reading things I don’t like and hope I can resist the urge to go back to this series. The way I’m talking, it’s like I have a toxic relationship of books or something, speaking of which…


wizard's first ruleSword of Truth– this used to be on my “to finish” list, but it’s like I’m punishing myself at this point cos I got zero enjoyment out of the last two. I’m still tempted to read a couple more, but I don’t see myself going the whole way.



chain of goldChain of Gold– I’m kinda cheating by putting Clare’s next series on here, cos I have actually come to the end of her last series, but I consider all the Shadowhunter books to be one gigantic series. Plus, I promised myself I was done with her books and I have to stick to this. I’ve completely outgrown these stories and I just know reading another one will make me miserable.


wonder womanDC Icons– I don’t know if any other book this year has made me quite so bored and disappointed. This series is a shameless cashgrab and as much as I love the authors involved, I won’t be wasting my time with anymore of them #sorrynotsorry



monstrumologistMonstrumologist– here’s my monstrous opinion: despite all the monsters and mayhem, I found the first book boring. So I’ve no desire to continue with it.



girl of nightmaresAnna series– Anna Dressed in Blood was excellent, but girl of nightmares didn’t do it for me. Personally, this could’ve been left as a standalone and although I’ll gladly read more by the author, I’m done with this.



crazy rich asiansCrazy Rich Asians– this one might not be such a popular choice, so *don’t hate me*, but I feel like I enjoyed the film version more?! Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book, but I LOVED the movie. If they do adapt the sequel, I think I’d rather just watch it instead… although I am curious about what changes they make. Gotta admit I’m being a bit more tentative about this decision, unlike…


foxhole courtFoxhole Court/All for the Game– I found out about this book from a negative review and I LEARNT MY LESSON. Or lessons as the case may be: don’t read books your friends hate, be wary of free ebooks and if the first time you hear about a book someone is saying “I don’t get the hype” then you should run! (or else be doomed to be like me wondering WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?!?!?!) (seriously though, why is this abuse-filled-nightmarishly-structured-nonsense-sports book a thing?!?!) (can anyone explain?)

red queenRed Queen Series– this should be harder for me to put on the list, but it’s super easy (barely an inconvenience 😉 ) I actually read THREE books in this quartet. That’s usually too many for me to give up on a series. And yet, I’ve had zero desire to check out how it ends… which should give you an idea of how I felt about the last two.


Okay- I’ve been decisive with a few of those- annnnd we’ll see about the others! Do you have trouble giving up on series? And what series have you decided to quit read? Let me know in the comments!

Series I Won’t Be Finishing #noguilt (okay a little bit of guilt…)

Hello, my name is the Orangutan Librarian and I am a series-finisher (sounds like I’m starting an AA meeting). But after starting a couple of series recently I wasn’t too keen on, I want to make a commitment to myself *not to* continue reading the rest of the series- no matter what!!

but it is not this day2.jpg

Because there are plenty more fish in the sea and there are books crammed into every bookshelf/library/shop/orifice and OH MY GOD I AM DROWNING UNDER A NEVERENDING TBR!!!

  1. Killables– arghhh I could not think of a single reason to recommend this book to anyone. The only problem is that they have this book in the library to tempt me. But no- I WILL BE STRONG!!!

stay strong.gif

  1. Caraval– it had its moments, but that ending made me just give up on it. I just can’t bring myself to read the sequel- I’m out.

I'm out.gif

  1. Outlander– as you may remember from my posts months ago, I rage quit this series- I won’t be picking up another one.


  1. Long Way To A Small Angry Planet– hahahaha I had to put this one on here- but it’s actually hilarious to think about reading the second one when I only finished the first so that I could rage review it. I think my thoughts about this book can be summed up thusly:

laugh cry.gif

  1. Bronze Horseman– nope, just nope. I’m not gonna read any more of this because *YEUCH*.


  1. Knife of Never Letting Go- okay, so unpopular opinion here, but I hated the style of this one. The Grammar Nazi in me just could not deal.


  1. Thief’s Magic– I have a love-hate relationship with Canavan- and even though they have copies in all the libraries I frequent I have no desire to carry on with this series. I just did not connect with any of the characters in this- not a-one.

I'm done.gif

  1. Queen of the Tearling– what makes me feel better about this one- aside from being bored stiff with the first one- is that I’ve heard a lot of people didn’t like the finale and said it wasn’t worth finishing anyway.

Im out.gif

  1. An Ember in the Ashes– another unpopular opinion, but I really wasn’t sold on this series and have no desire to read the second.


  1. Talon– okay, I’ll admit I read the second one, even though I hated the first one, because it had a scaly cover and I love dragons. Buuut no more!! I will not read another whiny book about non-dragons masquerading as mythical wyrms. I just cannot.


Annd on that note it’s time to say goodbye for today! (Yes, yes this post was just an excuse for a million goodbye gifs). Did you agree or disagree with my choices? What series have you quit? Let me know in the comments!