Shabby Sunday – Random Discoveries…

Hello all- I just have a quick post for you today, cos my computer has been temperamental all day (it’s called the Mad Hatter for a reason 😉 )

“Shabby Sunday” is a really cool meme about sharing old books, created by the awesome Mischenko over @ReadRantRock&Roll– she does this every week, so I highly recommend checking her out. I don’t normally get into memes, but this one just spoke to me, especially cos I made a couple of exciting discoveries in a pile of old books recently, including this copy of Middlemarch:


Quite unassuming on the outside, but look at the date!


It turned up in some of my mum’s old books, though she has no idea where it came from. Now I’ll admit Middlemarch is not my favourite George Eliot (too many descriptions of provincial life made me dock bananas) but no bookworm can fail to be excited about a book over a hundred years old!

Okay admittedly some people won’t be excited by that, which is why I’m leaving you with some lovely pics of an old copy of Vanity Fair- likewise the cover is quite plain- however inside it has the most gorgeous illustrations!

I’ve not actually read this book yet- though I’ve been meaning to- rest assured I won’t risk reading this copy as it’s pretty fragile (fortunately I have one of those freebie copies on my kindle). Regardless it was a lovely discovery to make cos I just love ogling old books from time to time 😉

And that’s all from me for today! Let me know what you think of either of these in the comments!