My Top Ten Books Featuring Sisterhood

*Warning there will be lots of pink and gushing girliness in this post*

Phew it is hot today- I don’t know how anyone gets anything done when it’s so hot! Resisting the urge to just lounge around all day, I thought I’d follow on from yesterday’s post and talk about sisters in books!

I don’t think sisterly love gets nearly enough attention in books- so today I want to celebrate some of my favourite books that feature sisters (both real and metaphorical) in a big way!  And just a heads up, I won’t be including any creepy long lost identical long lost twins or back or backstabbing biatches here- this one’s all about the positivity (mostly 😉 ):

pride and prejudice

  1. Pride and Prejudice– how could I not include Austen? The queen of the sisterhood?! That would be madness! In fact, I was actually super tempted to put Sense and Sensibility on here as well, but let’s face it, nothing beats Lizzy and Jane’s relationship!

i capture the castle.jpg

  1. I Capture the Castle– so mostly I just want an excuse to mention a childhood favourite. But there is a strong sister relationship in this book- only trouble is, even after all these years I can’t quite put my finger on where that relationship ends up at the end of the book. Ah well, it still deserves to be on this list, partly because I have always wanted to be part of this wacky family, but mostly because I secretly want to live in a derelict castle with no heating… (says the girl that couldn’t stand the Scottish winters)

little women

  1. Little Women– apart from this book giving me the warm fuzzies every time I think about it, this book hands down has one of my favourite family dynamics in literature- and guess what? They’re all girls! Yay- girl power! The March sisters are adorable, quirky and love fiercely- but my goodness you don’t want to get in the middle when that goes awry- there are ups and downs in this book that still make me cry (and not just the obvious *ahem* unmentionable parts- seriously don’t mention it, or you will reduce me to a fluffy orange mess again…)


  1. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants– you knew it was coming- after my review yesterday it can’t come as a surprise. What’s especially wonderful about this series is that it has every type of sisterly relationship- it deals with the figurative, the blood relations and the “oh goodness what category are you in” type of sister. And even more importantly, it doesn’t shy away from conflict between sisters (really just an occupational hazard)- instead directly addressing the issues they have and letting the characters grow as a result.

to all the boys

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– I’ve mentioned it before- but one of the best things about this series is the *lovely* sister relationships in it. Like my previous choice, it doesn’t make them buddy-buddy all the time- but that’s a-okay with me! Because complex dynamics are so important when portraying any relationship- and especially in something as nuanced and complicated as sisters!

court of thorns and roses

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy– okay so I wasn’t actually sure whether to include this one, because initially *avert your eyes superfans* I wasn’t totally sold on the sister relationships. It just seemed to be based on the protagonist’s older sisters letting her do all the work for them. But, while I’m still not convinced of this series’ perfection- review of ACOWAR to come *very* soon– I did find the sister relationships grew on me.

red sister

  1. Red Sister– okay, so no one in this book was technically a biological sister- BUT they were all Sisters- you know, nuns. Killer nuns in fact. And let’s face it, when am I gonna pass up an opportunity to mention killer nuns? (Plus they also had developed really great bonds with each other- but to be honest my brain is still on the *deadly nuns* thing to go into detail 😉 )

the young elites

  1. Young Elites– This one is another really unusual one, because this series is so out there. And I can’t talk too much about why I love this sister relationship, because of *spoilers*. But what I can say is this relationship ends up being super integral to the plot and the story’s conclusion- and how many non-romantic relationships can you say that about really? Let alone sister relationships?

hunger games

  1. Hunger Games– and speaking of another sister relationship that is integral to a book’s plot, what about Katniss Everdeen and her sister Prim. There would have been no story if Katniss hadn’t offered herself as tribute to save her sister. And as for where this relationship ends up going… well let’s not go there shall we (seriously, it’s like I designed this post to get all teary or something!)

how i live now

  1. How I Live Now– okay, so another cheerless book about the end of the world. But there was one thing I always took heart from and that was Daisy holding Piper’s hand and leading her through the literal end of the world- they’re not technically sisters, yet this image of sisterly devotion is burned into my mind whenever I think of a moment of sisterhood in books. I just want to point to it and say *that right there* (there’s also a lot of weird shit in this book, but at least there’s family at the centre of it all)

Okay that post ended up going in a darker direction than I intended. Do you agree or disagree with my choices? What book do you think is a great representation of sisterhood? Let me know in the comments below!

And naturally, I dedicate this post to my sister the monkey baby (yes that is her real nickname and no I am not making that up)

Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood everlastingWell hello everyone- today I’m going to be taking a lot of you back in a time machine- cos I know this series was popular *so long ago*. But I finally picked it up this year and read it right through to the end, so I’m gonna do something pretty unusual and review the last one in the series *with no spoilers* (I know- wish me luck!)

Now when it came to this book it ended up being nothing like what I expected. If you’re at all familiar with this series, you’ll know it’s fluffy and cute and wonderfully summery… And that is not the same vibe you get from this book. I thought this book would be just another frothy, light, heart-warming book, and, well, that’s not what I got. This book was a total break from form.

So after saying all of that, I should have been disappointed, right? WRONG! Just because this book was not what I wanted or expected, in the end it gave me *exactly* what I needed. It ended up being something I never even realised I was looking for.

As I said, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say that the themes of this book spoke to me so much more than I expected and I sobbed the whole way through. And I mean ugly crying. Till my eyes had grown tired with tears and my head heavy. I was an ugly mess of orange fur 😉

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about this series is the characters. I cannot begin to describe how lifelike they are. Someone said on the back of this book: “Ann Brashares knows her characters”- well I feel like I know them too. All of them are my babies at this point and I have grown so attached to them (including Carmen, my least favourite, who honestly has her moments, but really shines and comes through when she’s helping others!)

Ultimately, this book will make you want to grab hold of your sisters (both real and metaphorical) and give them a massive squidge! (Shout out to my own marvellous sister, who I buddy read this with!)

As if that wasn’t enough to *make you read this book now* I found the writing in this book some of the loveliest in the series:

“He’d shown her his seams.”

“Her sadness was all over his face.”

“We aren’t built for leaving”

I don’t know why, but this simplistic, yet gorgeous style just spoke to me. Plus, in case that wasn’t enough, one of the songs it quoted is a favourite:

This is a *perfect* book to enjoy (well maybe get a cathartic kick out of) on a lovely sunny day. Or a rainy day. Or any day really. Just as long as you have somewhere you can cry in private.

Rating: 5/5 bananas


Hope you liked that! Have you read this book or series? Do you like it? And what book have you read recently that gave you an emotional kick? Let me know in the comments!


Siblinghood (Sisterhood) of the World Blog Award!

Yay another tag time! (Yes, I know, it’s always tag in an impromptu tag week) Thanks to A FrolicThrough Fiction, Book Adventures and most recently Quirky Book Nerd for this one! This is gonna be a pretty long post- so I better get on with it pronto!

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Frolic Through Fictions’ Questions…

  1. Is there a fictional character you wouldn’t want to meet? Who?

bellatrix-lestrange-4Quite a few- I don’t reckon I’d enjoy meeting Voldemort for one thing. But, sticking with the Harry Potter theme, I think I’d like to meet Bellatrix Lestrange even less! (I’d actually like to meet Doloros Umbridge, if only to punch her)

  1. Do you own any bookish merchandise? (Badges, jewelry, posters etc)

game of thrones posterSort of- I have a collection of bookish/fairytale jewellery- but none of it is what you’d call “official” merchandise. Oh and I have a Game of Thrones poster that I don’t use. Does that count?



  1. Is there a book/ series you think is overrated?

Atonement_(novel)Loads! I have a whole post about it. I’m gonna say something that’s not on the list (to make it interesting). How about Atonement by Ian McEwan- I enjoyed the film, but hated the book. This is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I think McEwan is overrated in general. I think he’s very accomplished at structuring books, but his characters always leave a lot to be desired.


  1. If you could travel back in time to any time period, which would you go to?

gatsbyWithout a shadow of a doubt, I’d head to the 1920s to meet Fitzgerald and go to a Gatsby-style party.

  1. Are there any fictional character names you really love?

Loads- I could have chosen so many for this, but I think some of the best names in literature are probably in Dickens. I mean, he has characters like Mr Bumble, Gradgrind and Tulkinghorn, to name a few!

  1. Are you setting yourself a Goodreads reading challenge for next year? If so, how many books do you hope to read?

Well- it’s already the next year and I haven’t done that- so I guess not.

  1. Favourite bookshop?

Any! I love Waterstones, but I also like more random ones you just stumble across.

  1. If you could have any character’s clothing style, which character would you choose?throneofglass series

Ermm I don’t know- Celaena Sardothien I guess, because she has her assassin outfits, but she also knows how to dress up- which I love.

  1. When you review books, do you write notes while you read it or just think back when writing the review?

I usually jot down a few notes. But not always.

  1. How did you get into reading?

Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_CoverWell, I can always remember reading, but like so many people I started really reading when my friend recommended Harry Potter to me way back when I was 7. I started reading the first three in quick succession- I was hooked from then on!



Book Adventures’ Questions…

  1. Favourite book of 2015?

There are so many- it’s so hard to choose! I hardly managed to narrow it down to 10 in my Top 10 of 2015, how can I manage to narrow it down to just one? It’s between Memoirs of a Geisha, Man’s Search For Meaning and Carry On- three very different, but very brilliant books.

  1. Best movie you’ve seen in 2015?

I really don’t know- I’ve not seen that many new movies in 2015 and can’t think of anything- which is a shame, cos I love movies :/v

  1. Are you going to participate in any reading challenges in 2016?

I really don’t know- gosh these questions are going well- aren’t they!Invisible

  1. How many books are currently on your TBR?

I’m just gonna use Goodreads for this- cos if I combine it with my amazon one, it’ll just be embarassing. Let me just look… 184…. Yeah, that’s still embarrassing.

  1. How many books do you want to read next year?

Well, I’ve not set myself any goals, but as I said in my Bookish Resolutions post, I’d rather read fewer books this year than last year, but read more good quality books. I think I’d be happy with a modest 60- but don’t quote me on that!

  1. If you could have one fictional animal as your pet, what would it be?

Dragon. I don’t care if it’s practical- I just love dragons (and I’m thinking more mother of dragons, than Hagrid getting his beard singed)

mother of dragons

  1. What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it? Why, why not?

the martianAt the time of writing this, it’s The Martian. I would definitely recommend it! I’m gonna do a review for this shortly, but to summarise, because it’s awesome!



  1. If you could date a fictional character, who would you date and why?

Poison-Study-new-UKI’m gonna go with Valek from Poison Study




  1. If you could pick any three books to have right now, what would they be?

I’m assuming this isn’t books I don’t already have. And they would be these ones, because I’ve been meaning to get them forever, but they’re harder to get hold of for some reason

  1. What bookish gift would you like to receive this Christmas? (that’s not a book)

Boy did I miss the boat with this one… I don’t actually do Christmas, but the bookish gifts I like that are non-books are necklaces from Etsy.

Quirky Book Nerds’ Questions…

  1. What are some new releases you are most looking forward to in 2016?

heartlessThere are quite a few- I’m gonna go with Heartless cos I’ve already mentioned others enough times- plus the cover was recently released- isn’t it pretty?



  1. What is your favourite under-hyped book?

hitler's canariesI did a whole post about this, so it’s really hard to pick just one. I’m gonna go with Hitler’s Canaries because it’s an absolutely incredible book about hope in WW2- and somehow it’s only got 692 ratings on goodreads.



  1. What is one thing (activity, song, movie, etc…) that always makes you happy no matter what?

Well there are quite a few answers to this- I’m gonna go with dancing (not in a coordinated fashion of course), LOTR always makes me happy and I’m gonna choose


  1. Do you prefer series or standalone novels?

Ahh impossible question- I’m gonna go with standalones just cos I don’t have to wait between books for a resolution

  1. Do you play video games? If so, what are your favorite games to play?

Nope- I think the most I’ve ever done is play Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon. Oh and this indie one called Kudos. But all that was years ago

  1. What is your favourite song of all time?

What an impossible question! I don’t have an answer- this has been in my head since last week though:

  1. If you could have any fictional animal as a pet, what would you choose?

I’ve said dragon before to this- but it’s still a dragon. They’re my favourite mythical creature and that’s never gonna change.

  1. What 2016 movies are you most looking forward to seeing?


  1. What book or series would you recommend to someone who says they don’t like to read, and why would you choose that book or series?

I don’t know what I’d recommend to someone that didn’t like to read. Maybe something like Picture of Dorian Gray cos it’s short *and* brilliant.

  1. What is your absolute favourite quote?

I’m not much for quotes, but I like this one:

“’Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

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