It’s That Time of Year Again- Spring Cleaning My Bookshelves

Well hello there! And hello Spring!! I cannot believe that April just crept up on me like that- where the hell has ¼ of the year gone already?!

Anyway since it’s spring, it’s time for me to *spring clean my bookshelves* aka do a massive unhaul!


I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a limited amount of space for books, so every so often, some of my books have to *make way* in the great Circle of Book Life!!!

circle of book life.png

As tough as this is, I do like to think of my books going on to bigger and better things  (and I’m beginning to sound like I’m about to be parted with my children instead of just my books… AH WHO AM I KIDDING MY BOOKS ARE MY BABIES!!!) Okay, let’s get started before I get (more) emotional!


Let’s start with something I have zero guilt about: The Age of Five Trilogy. I had high hopes for this trilogy, but in the end it did very little for me.

five people you meet in heaven

I actually liked this book- but I didn’t love it and I just know I’m never gonna read it again. So… it’s with a little regret that I’m gonna say goodbye. Still not too much regret cos it will be sacrificed on the altar of Making Room For New Books *and* I’m pretty sure whoever picks this up will enjoy it

midnight's chidren2

I never actually reviewed this book, cos nothing about it really stayed with me- except that it was weird and I didn’t get it at all… I just don’t think this kind of magical realism is for me (especially considering my feelings about One Hundred Years of Solitude). Can’t say I’ll be sorry to see this one go.


This one’s a bit of a shame, cos I had looked forward to it for years… and I didn’t like it. And since it seems to be a habit that I didn’t review the books on this list, I’ll give you a quick rundown on my thoughts. To be honest, I found the story and the characters were massively cliché. Great if you’re fond of descriptions of castles- sadly not for me though. Funnily enough, I actually did end up enjoying the last one in the trilogy more than the others- which is strange cos that’s the one most people hate- I guess I’m just a total oddball. As for giving up this book, I am only sorry that this was such a pretty edition. Ah well- I’m sure whoever picks this up is bound to appreciate what’s inside more than me.


Another one I liked- like most Dianna Wynn Jones books, it’s sweet. It just wasn’t a favourite and I have to be pretty ruthless right now regarding space.


This turned up in my old collection of books (that I was briefly reunited with). I don’t actually own any of the other ones, can’t see myself reading it again, and hadn’t meant to buy it in the first place… Fun series though- if anyone’s thinking of checking it out! (Boy am I sending mixed signals here)

lollipop shoes

A bit superfluous to the Chocolat storyline if you ask me.

thirteenth tale

I don’t really remember this book- except that it was about an old lady? And twins? Maybe?!

never look away

This one was just AWFUL!!! This was described as a “pageturner” and that was one hundred percent true- I just kept turning the pages waiting for it to be over!!


I was recommended this by a good friend and I can see its merits- I JUST DID NOT CONNECT WITH IT AT ALL! I was tempted to hold onto it, cos *wow that cover*, but no, it’s gotta go!


This post is really making me seem like I have some problem with Joanne Harris, isn’t it? But I swear I don’t- I actually liked this one too- as you’ll see in my review– but it’s just another one I didn’t feel strongly enough to keep.

And lastly…


I’m giving my copy of Watchmen to a friend that likes graphic novels. I got this second hand- so *no guilt* about giving it away, especially since I know it’s going to a good home!! 😀

But wait- there’s more! As usual, I need your help with whether to discard a couple of other books:

minaturist and queen of the tearling.png

As you may or may not know, I did not like these books *in the slightest* BUT I’m still debating over whether to get rid of these two, cos the covers were perty and, unlike most of the books on this list, they weren’t second hand… so?!

What do you think? Should I give these away too? Or can I assuage my guilt for another few months before another purge? Let me know what you think in the comments!!