Comedy for the Easily Offended…

Well, if you are easily offended, this post will either make you lighten up, or more likely make you want to kick my ass. I recommend the former 😉

Right now there are a lot of free speech debates raging in the UK, partly thanks to various speakers (of all political persuasions) being shut down on campuses and partly because a youtuber who goes by the name of Count Dankula was convicted of making a “grossly offensive” joke (a video called “m8 yer dug’s a Nazi”). No this is not an April Fool’s prank, I live in a country where that’s real news. If you want to know my opinion, it’s basically in line with this:

Honestly, I don’t care if you find the video distasteful or not (although, I’m Jewish and I found the original video funny, so there’s that) because guess what? Humour is subjective and it was a JOKE! But if you don’t care about this guy’s free speech, flip it round and think about what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot. Imagine you’re the one making the joke and some sob decides to lock you up cos they didn’t find it funny. First they came for the comics…

Meanwhile Buddha the dog gets off scot free… DO YOU SEE HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS?! So since the comedy police are out in full force, I’ve decided to share some of the most OFFENSIVE HUMOUR I could find on the internet:

Humanity– Ricky Gervais has been a bloody hero lately and I watched his latest comedy special on Netflix and it was a riot. And it’s bound to offend people within the first 5 minutes.

Steven Hughes– since we’re talking offence taking, I’m pretty much obliged to put this on here.

Sasha Baron Cohen– there are *so many* examples, I didn’t know which one of his many, many characters to pick, so I just went with one clip.

Curb your enthusiasm– likewise, there are umpteen examples I could have used, this one just happened to be appropriately about offence-taking.

Chris Rock– frankly I just wanted the opportunity to “research” his old bits- I thought lots of people would have a problem with this one so I put it on here 😉

Bill Burr– if you’ve survived this far into the post, boy do I have the most offensive humour for you

Andrew Lawrence– he’s so offensive, some schmuck tried to get him banned from the beebs. Here’s him talking about it:

Okay, that’s enough comedy for one day. I’ll leave you with a “sedate” quote from the reputable Chris Ray Gun: “life’s a joke and tragedy’s the punchline”. So lighten up!

Be honest- how many of you want to kick my ass now? If you answered no to that- do you have any comedy recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments! (If you answered yes, here, have a banana and chill out 🍌 😉 )