TV Tuesday- What Now?

Wahey- it’s actually Tuesday this time! As with the last few Tuesdays, I’m participating in Codie’s awesome TV Tuesday meme.

tuesday tv meme

The rules are as follows (because there are always rules):

Choose between these three:

  • Book-to-Movie/TV show adaptation  (have you seen it? If no, do you plan to?)
  • Book you think should be a movie/TV show  (Why?)
  • Movie/TV show that prompted you to read a book?

So what am I doing with my TV time now that Game of Thrones is over? Well, I’m binging an old favourite: The Legend of the Seeker.

legend of the seeker

What is that? I hear some of you ask. Seriously? That’s rubbish! I hear others say. Well hear me out! While I admit it is an excessively cheesy show, it also happens to be one of the most fun TV shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Yes, as I said, it’s no masterpiece (unlike Game of Thrones) but if you enjoy a bit of a jaunt through a fantasy realm and adventurous storylines- this is a really great series. Plus who doesn’t secretly love a bit of cheese?

Sadly this was cancelled after just two series- but fortunately for me I still have all of Goodkind’s series (that it’s based on) to get through to make up for missing out on the rest of the story! In the meantime- you can check out the trailer here:

So what do you think? Have you seen this series? Will you be giving it a go? Let me know in the comments!