The Olympics Book Tag

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Okay- so I have been really off the boil lately- I blame the hot weather. I mean, how can anyone do anything when it’s so lovely and warm outside? All it makes me want to do every day is just lounge around and read! Seriously, if being lazy was a competition I’d win a gold medal. And in the spirit of my disorganisation, I have totally missed the boat on this one and the Olympics have come to an end… whoops. But instead of waiting four years to do this tag, I figured I’d just celebrate my complete failure and do it anyway! (*Woohoo fails!*)

Thanks so much to the fabulous Quirky Book Nerd for tagging me to do this one!

100m | A book you have raced through.


I’m gonna go with Wizard’s First Rule, which I read last week. Despite being an 800 page novel, I whizzed right through this one.

Michael Phelps | The best book you’ve ever read.

heart of darkness

Not gonna lie- I don’t follow the Olympics (yes, I’m choosing this moment to tell you that) so this reference is totally lost on me. And speaking of things I have no idea about… I haven’t a clue how to answer this question! Possibly Heart of Darkness– okay, I’m gonna go with Heart of Darkness. Final answer.

final answer.png

(Extra cool points if you got this reference!)

Synchronized Diving | A perfect couple.

carry on

Divert your eyes if you haven’t read Carry On: but I’ve got to go with Baz and Simon. They put the aww back in awesome (oh gosh- that pun made even me wince- I sincerely apologise)

Simone Biles | A short and sweet book.

to all the boys

No explanation needed!

Rugby 7s | A tough book you struggled to finish.

one hundred years of solitude

Easily 100 Years of Solitude- man that was a painful read- you can read why I thought so here.

Golf | A new genre outside of your comfort zone.

the martian

Ooh this is a fun one to answer- I’m recently interested in reading Sci fi- all thanks to the Martian by Andy Weir

Heptathlon | The best series.

northern lights

I’m gonna have to go with Northern Lights cos just thinking about it makes me tear up- but an honorary mention has to go to Harry Potter (as you may have guessed from my recent posts I’m feeling really nostalgic right now- actually, considering how subversive those posts are, I doubt I’ve given that impression…)

Gymnastics | A book with a lot of plot twists.


Gonna have to steal the Quirky Book Nerd’s answer for this one- because it’s gotta be Gone Girl– could there be any other answer??

Swimming | A book that made you sob.


Pretty easy feat (see my Heptathlon answer)- gonna be unoriginal and give Harry another mention, cos it’s got to be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix– you know why!!! (or at least you should!)

Trampoline | A childhood favorite.


Can I ever get through a tag without mentioning this at least once?

I tag- everybody! Let’s face it- it’s sunny and I’m lazy about tagging anyone in particular and I’m not sure how many people want to do this now the Olympics are over…