Untangling This Mortal Coil

this mortal coilPutting together a life-threatening virus, a YA heroine with the skills to fix said virus and adding a few emotional spanners into the works is nothing new. And yet in This Mortal Coil it makes for a refreshingly different story.

Thrown into the off-kilter world instantly by an elegantly surreal opening, this seemingly simple plot is transformed by expert writing and interesting twists. Not only is the world building believable, the post-apocalyptic apparition we’re presented with carries the reader far beyond the bounds of our reality.

With an intricate design and turns in every direction, I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I especially liked the conflicts between characters brewing behind the scenes. None of the relationships were straightforward and that made for some interesting developments.

The one thing I wasn’t in love with was the protagonist and I sadly struggled to connect to her. Funnily enough however, my trouble investing in her actually made a whole lot of sense by the narrative’s final twist and her character arc ended up being the best thing about the book! I swear I never could have seen that coming!

Ultimately, this was one helluva wild ride and I’m curious about where it’s heading!

Rating: 4/5 bananas


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