TAG: This-Is-My-Truth-Now


So this tag comes with a curse- so I definitely had to give this a go. ;)So this tag comes with a curse- so I definitely had to give this a go. 😉

Thank you so much to James the awesome creator of this tag for tagging me- he posts *every day* (I know, ridiculously impressive!) on a whole wide range of topics, so really worth checking out!

The Rules

  1. Create your own new post and call it “Tag: This-Is-My-Truth-Now” and be sure to include in your tags the words — without quotes — “ThisIsMyTruthNow Tag”
  2. Include these rules when you copy/paste to your own post.
  3. Be sure to thank the person that tagged you and include their responses at the bottom of your post, so someone can get to know them too. Tell everyone something interesting about the person who tagged you.
  4. Include a link to my original post mentioning this blog so we can see how many people choose to play along. Link to cut/paste is:  ThisIsMyTruthNow
  5. Choose 12 bloggers to tag and include a link to their latest post, so others can check them out and meet new people.
  6. Answer all 12 questions in The Challenge Questions section, but replace the 12th question with your own new one around telling the truth or revealing something interesting about yourself — you can leave the existing if you can’t think of something. (Note: I’m too lazy to change this!)
  7. Be sure to copy/paste the “Truth or Dare” section at the end of this post. It’s important to the challenge — so you better carefully read it!
  8. If you’ve haven’t been tagged, but you want to play along, you can totally jump on in and post responses to the tag on your blog.

The Challenge Questions:

1. You’re on your way to a birthday dinner that your friends have thrown for you. When you arrive, your favorite author is having dinner by himself or herself and asks you to sit with them, before you even see your friends or they see you. You have two choices: (1) You can sit with the author but can’t tell your friends that you’ve abandoned them for three hours, or (2) Meet your friends and lose the only chance you’ll ever have to talk with the author. Pick one or the other — no exceptions or communication to your friends to tell them about the author — and explain why.

I feel like if I chose to sit with the author, I’d be letting down my friends- plus I wouldn’t be able to do anything to more than squeak at them anyway! But it’s a tough one!!

2. You’ve got an opportunity to spend a few hours alone “in your bedroom” with a character from any book you’ve previously read. The character tells you that (s)he would like to lock the door and spend some alone time with you. What book and character is it, and do you decide to enter the room and lock the door, or tell them you aren’t interested?

Hahaha this is a hilarious one! May as well pick someone I’d actually like- so I’m gonna go with Baz from Carry On… in which case he’ll be telling me he’s not interested. Bummer.

carry on

3. If you could turn any male character from one of your favorite books into a female character (or change a female into a male) in the book or book series, which one and why?

Huh- I swear I’ve never thought of anything like this before. Sounds very Stephanie Meyer to me. Then again, the second that I thought about this, I thought that if Life and Death was satire it would be really good, cos some comic role reversal would show just how bad that sh*t is.

4. What blogger currently on your follower’s list (meaning they follow you too) do you admire the most and why?


Gah- that’s so hard to just pick one!! But since I don’t want to be here all day saying how much I love each and every one of you, I’m gonna go ahead and just recommend that you guys check out Bookstooge cos he always has great (and funny) reviews and really think he deserves more attention- so off you go! 😉

5. If you could change any one decision your favorite book character made, what would it be and why?

Umm can Tess Durbeyfield just never leave home please? Her story is just too sad!!

6. If you could pick 1 character from a book and 1 character from a TV show you watch (that is NOT based on a book) to be in a relationship together, who would you choose, and why?

Hmm I’ve been watching a lot of Poldark lately and I *hate* Elizabeth, and since I’m feeling super vengeful, I’d pair her with Voldemort.

elizabeth and voldemort.png

7. It’s your last day on Earth. As you are about to cross that final finish line, a mysterious shadow appears, giving you a choice: (1) You can go move forward to whatever comes next for you [based on your own spiritual or religious beliefs], or (2) you can become a character in a book series and exist permanently doing whatever that author chooses to do with you in the book. Which do you choose, and if it’s option 2, reveal the book and author.

Hehe well I would pick Pratchett (for obvious reasons) but I don’t think I’d want to do anything for eternity- not even hanging out with Death and eating bananas in the Unseen University. So I guess I’ll go to meet my maker…


8. If you could steal a pet from someone in any book you’ve read, but had to replace it with a friend’s pet (meaning they wouldn’t ever see their pet again), would you do it? If so, explain the who and why.

I’d feel way to mean to steal a friend’s pet! I’m not that heartless!! Buuut assuming I was… I’d pick Pan from Northern Lights, cos you know, I’ve always wanted my own daemon.

9. If you could turn someone from your real life into a character from a book, who from your life, who in the book and why?

Another hard one! I figure I’d put one of my brothers into a Hardy so that he could tell them all to “lighten up!” (he says it to me often enough 😉 ) Besides he’s funny- I reckon those books could do with some comic relief.


And no I didn’t pick this just to be mean… although now I do feel a little mean…

10. Post a picture of the cover of a book you read in 2000 and the book you are currently reading now. (Note: if you weren’t alive in 2000, pick the first book you ever read and tell everyone what year it was from).

Currently: Assassin’s Quest- I just read the first and second of the Farseer trilogy- I am on a roll!

assassin's quest

2000 Read: Easy that was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- after all everyone knows it came out that year, and I’d caught up on all the others by then 😀

goblet of fire

11. Your favorite character (under 18) needs a place to stay for 3 months and asks you if (s)he could stay in your spare room (yes, you have one for the sake of this question). Who is it and what is the reason (s)he needs to stay with you?

Great question- cos there are an awful lot of neglected children in books! I’m gonna go with Sara Crewe cos she goes through a lot in the book and I just feel like I could prevent all that by having her come to stay.

A Little Princess

12. Which of the 365 Daily Challenge posts most describes you? To see them all, you can go here. (Note: This is the question each person can change when they tag their own nominees)

Hehe a fair number are really relatable- but I gotta pick one with Ryder

My Nominees: Howlin Books, Upside Down Books, Kat, Alanna, Paperback and Flick Chick, Fictionphile, Pooja, Valerie, Two Gals and a Book and Book Cover Girls (as usual, apologies if you’ve already done it and no pressure yada yada yada)


Oh, did I forget to tell you the last part of the ThisIsMyTruthNow tag? If you choose not to accept the tag, you have to follow through on whatever dare the person who tags you chooses — for my nominees, if you choose not to do this tag, your dare is to re-read [within the next 30 days] the book that has the lowest rating of all the books you’ve read in the last five (5) years. And if you don’t read it again, you’ll be cursed with bad book reads for the next five (5) years. HaHaHaHaHa! 

Okay- so phew, I did this tag… Over to you now!